Our aim is to produce clothes that provide comfort as well as style.

The size values for each category are as follows:

0-3m = upto 62cm - weight 5.5kg 

3/6m = upto 68cm - weight 8 kg 

0-6m = upto 68cm - weight 8kg

6-12m = upto 80cm - weight 11kg

12-18m = upto 86cm - weight 12.5kg

18-24m = upto 92cm - weight 14kg

2-3yrs = upto 98cm 

3-4yrs = upto 104cm 



Our knotted hats currently come in two sizes.

They are sized to fit babies 0-6 or 6-12mnths.

Bibs are one a generous size.


Summer (bandana style) Hats - Not currently in stock*

Our summer hats are best suited for children aged up to 5 yrs old.

Please note that the size values for hats are:

small/medium - 50cm

medium/large - 54cm

These are based on the inner rim size so measure your child's head around the forehead to the back.

So a rough guide would be - if your child has a head size of 50 or below - go for small/medium. If your child has a head size of over 50cm, go for medium/large.

Children's head sizes vary, however our research suggests that our small/medium fits best on children aged upto 2.

Medium//large is an approximately fit for age 2 upwards.

For best fit, we have included loose ties to enable you to tighten the hat to suit your child and ensure maximum value from the product as your child grows.

shmuncki recommend that you measure the size of your child's head for an accurate fit.

 *Please note that the indicated measures above are an approximate sizing guide only. Babies and children of the same age can differ greatly in size and physical maturity. Our indications are therefore non-binding and for information only.