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Shmuncki Liberty Art Fabric Babygrow & Jacket Review



This time last week I was packing for BritMums Live and heading to London. P3 was kindly sent theLiberty Art Fabric Baby Girl Jacket and the Liberty Art Fabric Baby girl babygrow romper to wear whilst at BritMums Live. This made trying to find an outfit for her so much easier. She ended up being sent three lovely outfits so I had to find time to change her. The Shmuncki outfits were actually worn at night and as I hadn’t taken my “big camera” the photos I got were pretty awful. So when we got home I did a little photoshoot to really showcase the beautifulness of the outfits.

The Shmuncki order was packaged so beautifully. I always love opening things wrapped in tissue paper! The garments were also individually inside little bags that were so delicate and will be reused for something else.

We were sent the size 6-12months and for P3 who is just about to turn 9 months old, the Babygrow Romper was slightly for her feet but not overly drowning at the arms.

The Liberty Art Fabric Babygrow and Jacket are both made from 100% soft Jersey cotton. The outfits were so soft and screamed high quality to me.


I always get slightly nervous when anybody wears white, especially babies, as I didn’t want to ruin the fabric by staining it. However, it washed really well and is still super soft and bright white.

I love the delicate pattern around the edges. It’s a subtle addition to a plain Babygrow and jacket. I also love the little hood on the jacket and the way it has the trim the whole way round.

I was very worried that by wearing a full Babygrow that P3 would be too hot in this beautiful heat but the fabric is quite thin which means it’s a really lovely item of clothing to wear outside in the sun to protect her skin from the sun rays.

The Liberty Art Fabric Baby Girl Jacket costs £24.50 and the Liberty Art Fabric Baby girl babygrow romper costs £22.50. So these items are definitely classed as luxury to me as we probably wouldn’t normally pay that price but I am so pleased with the items and they’d make a wonderful gift for a new mum.