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What We Do On Sick Days!

This little boy had a horrendous cold last week.
He has never been one to complain but this week has seen a happy little boy become a complete mummy's boy!

He's not really one for picking up colds, but since being at his Mother and Toddlers groups he has had quite a few.

His nose is more like a tap with the amount of snot coming out of it and I'm unsure where the 'Off' is!

I thought I would tell you what we do to help ease the cold to get my happy little boy back!

We usually just have a few days at home as I don't think its fair on him to be taking him here there and everywhere. Which usually means having a comfy lazy day!

I don't like him to be in PJ's the whole day so I do change him out of them but I normally slip on a cute little romper.
This romper which has fast become our favourite is one from Shmuncki (£20)(*) from the Harbour range. We love the fact it's so lightweight - perfect for chilling in the house and when Baby E has a cold he usually gets a temperature, so instead of striping him right down this is great! Oh, and the little boats, anchors etc are a super cute!

Baby E loves toys, but the plastic ones are great for a snotty baby as they are easy to wipe clean. He has taken a liking to the Munchkin Barn Yard Squirting Bath Toys!(£)(*) I mean who says bath toys are only for the bath?! I think he is also teething so he likes popping them in this mouth and squeaking his gums on them keep an ill little boy entertained for a while!

Next are tissues... and lots of them! If your child is like mine, they will hate having their nose being wiped. But needs must! I have a constant supply of the little mini packets in each room!

I tend to keep a sippy cup full of water next to us, as you know yourself when you are ill you get incredibly thirsty.  I feel he drinks a lot more when the sippy cup is on show anyway.

Lastly we have lots of cuddles! I have a throw that is usually on the couch, so i wrap that around us and settle down and watch a Disney movie or pop Disney Junior on - Baby E's favourite!

What do you use/do on sick days?