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Teds Threads : Issue #1

I know nothing about adult fashion. I hold my hands up. Both of them! I am happy to admit that every item of clothing I wear is chosen and bought by my wife! She buys it in such a way that I can pull anything out the wardrobe on a dark morning and it will ‘match.’ Whatever that means!

Having said that, I like Ted to look good.

I didn’t think I would have the slightest care in the world about Ted’s clothing, but I do.

I am strangely fussy about the materials used; His soft skin is so scrumptious that I wouldn’t want to put anything ‘rough’ on it! I want him to be comfortable and I want him to be able to move freely. And above all… I want to be able to put the clothes on him without a struggle. The less tiny buttons and fiddly bits the better! If he can look cool on top of all this, fantastic!

Ted has a lot of clothes courtesy of our resident baby clothes bargain shopper, his mum. He had a lot before he was born and he has even more now. His wardrobe is a dad’s minefield!

But recently, I have noticed that other people are also interested in the clothes Ted is wearing. His photos feature daily on our Instagram account and the 2200+ followers on there often ask where the clothes are from. This got me thinking about the world of children’s fashion. It seems that there are many parents looking for clothes that don’t just look good but that also tick the boxes for comfort, durability and that are ethically produced.

With this in mind Ted’s Threads was born.

Each week we will show you what Ted has been wearing and where you can buy it. There is even a shop section on the blog that has links to some of the companies from where his clothes were sourced. No more trawling through the Internet searching for clothes for your little one. We’ve done all the hard work for you.

baby boy luxury nautical blue babygrow baby romper

This gorgeous baby romper is from Shmuncki from their new ‘Harbour’ collection. It’s made from Jersey cotton and has nickel free poppers. They also shy away from zippers and buttons – always a bonus that it’s easy to put on!



  1. says

    I love this series!

    Like yourself, I openly admit to slinging on some jeans and a jumper or tshirt and “that’ll do”. H or D on the other hand…. they have to look good and I don’t mind them having better clothes than daddy.

    Ted always looks cool so I’m sure this will be a “cutefest” in the coming weeks. :-)

    My Favs this week are the Shmuncki romper or the beanie by Benedita